Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wedding Gown With Tail (Dream Series I)

Gown Code: S043T (RM902)


Wedding Gown (Dream Series I)

Gown Code: D009 (RM 390)

Gown Code: D016 (RM494 )

Gown Code: S032 (RM 455)

Gown Code: S036 (RM 481)

Gown Code: S062 (RM 494)

Gown Code: S090 (RM 546)

Gown Code: S094 (RM 546)

Gown Code: D016 (RM 494)

Gown Code: S046 (RM 494)


Wedding Gown With Tail (Sky Series I)

Gown Code: 8208 (RM660)

Gown Code: J6011 (RM715)

Gown Code: 8205 (RM638)

Gown Code: 8167 (RM660)


Wedding Gown (Sky Series I)

Gown Code: 2166 (RM455)

Gown Code: 8145 (RM455)

Gown Code: 8057 (RM585)

Gown Code: 8029 (RM390)

Gown Code: 8258 (RM520)

Gown Code: 8249 (RM455)

Gown Code: 8225 (RM455)

Gown Code: 8221 (RM715)

Gown Code: 8217B (RM520)


Delivery Mode and Delivery Area

  • At the moment we only deliver to your door step at Klang Valley Area at no charge base on the batch delivery date!(Coming batch delivery date will start on 15th of September 2009 to 1st of October 2009)
  • Our apologies that we do not serve area other than Klang Valley yet looking at the great potential on the damage of the gown if it would to be sent by Courier.


Payment Mode

  1. Deposit. You are required to pay 35% of your total wedding gown purchase amount before the cut of date of every batch of order!
  2. The balance 65% of your purchase will be on COD (Cash On Delivery).
  3. How to pay us:
  • Maybank Account No: 112232-257426
  • Name: Ng Siok Hoon


How To Contact Us!

  1. Any inquiries, kindly drop us an e-mail at We shall revert to you within 24 hours
  2. For instant contact, you could add me at at MSN.
  3. If you wish to talk to us, kindly call us @ 012-3272678.